Rogue One Takes Two

Some say that the success of the new Star Wars movies is predicated on nostalgia: the affection we still feel for those beloved first Star Wars flicks made when CGI was just a random collection of letters and the only computer mouse around was the one that ate its way into a shipping box.

So maybe it’s appropriate that this week, moviegoers are still showing a certain nostalgia for the biggest movie from last week.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story performed an encore at the top of the Box Office during an incredibly busy Christmas weekend. Despite four new movies rolling into theaters, Jyn Erso and her motley collection of spies still collected a healthy $64.4 million during the traditional three-day weekend to cement its position at No. 1. Add in Monday’s totals, and Rogue One’s four-day North American totals climb to an estimated $96.1 million.

Rogue One has now earned a tidy $318.1 million during the last 11 days stateside. Toss in the $237.4 million it’s collected overseas, and its overall gross stands at more a half billion dollars. Yes, the Star Wars saga loves its scrappy rebels, but the franchise itself is a bit of an empire.

The cute animated musical Sing finished second to Rogue One, banking $35.3 million—enough to pay off a first-place prize to some lucky anthropomorphic animal and then some. For one weekend at least, the attractions of talking pigs and koalas bested the combined star wattage of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Their film Passengers was stranded in third place with $14.9 million.

The crass Christmas comedy Why Him? slouched into fourth with $11.1 million, cutting ahead of Assassin’s Creed and its $10.3 million take.

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