Saying Goodbye to the Plugged In App

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like change. I don’t adopt new tech quickly. (We just got rid of our fossil CRT TV recently, for instance, and I still buy CDs and DVDs.) And I absolutely hate it when my favorite websites are redesigned; invariably, the design is worse. (Or, at least it feels that way when I can’t immediately find something that used to be right there.)

Which brings us to a recent change Plugged In has had to make: pulling the plug on our popular app. If you use the app regularly, you’ve probably already seen our notice there informing you that it’s now reached what techies euphemistically dub “end of life” status.

Honestly, it reached that point some time ago. For various technical reasons beyond my meager digital understanding, our app has gotten increasingly “buggy” and difficult to maintain.

That’s one critical factor in this decision.

Here’s the other one. When our app was launched some years ago, Plugged In’s website design wasn’t mobile friendly. Since the app’s arrival, however, our most recent redesign integrated what web gurus call “responsive design.” Basically, however big your screen is, the website automatically adjusts to fit it just right.

Thus, the need for a stand-alone mobile app is not nearly as great as it was when we first launched it. Everything the app used to do, our current website will do just as effectively and just as quickly on your smartphone.

So for anyone who regularly used the app, we thank you for your loyalty to it. We understand your frustration. And we apologize for this change. Believe me, I know changes like these can be really frustrating.

That said, we’d also humbly encourage you to simply use the website on your smartphone from here out, because it’s designed to work seamlessly on that platform.

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Matt Kornegay More than 1 year ago
Well that bites. I was wonder why it wouldn’t load and I couldn’t even find it I’m the App Store after I deleted it. 
Alun Rees More than 1 year ago
Gutted the apps gone 
What’s appe ning?? Apps are the future you should embrace it. 
You guys do great job and have helped us avoid movies we never thought would be blasphomous thanks guys
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm really sad the app is no longer available. And when I go to the website it get the “I've got a feeling we're not in PluggedIn anymore!” message every time. I cannot read any movie reviews bc no matter what I click on, it get this message. I really used your app a lot bc that determined whether I was to see a movie or not...and I chose not to see many (I go to the theater often). I would like to be able to use the website, but I have not been able to get beyond that 404 message ever. Any help?
Josh R. More than 1 year ago
Sorry the website isn't working for you! Why don't you give us a call at 800-A-FAMILY and ask for our Internet Help Desk. We'd be happy to help you troubleshoot. Blessings!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I miss the aps concise format to quickly view how many “stars” you ranked it. Now the website navigates slower, doesn’t show the quick value of the movie and displays fewer movies per page than the ap did. Hope this helps. God bless y’all. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

I was also experiencing bugs on the app when I had it. Eventually, I got tired of putting up with the bugs and deleted the app, resorting to just going to Plugged In's website.

It's a little sad, but not really, since I deleted the app from my phone over a year ago.

(Quick question: how come Plugged In never gives plug ratings for music, TV shows and video games?)
Holly B. More than 1 year ago
Well, friend, we simply don't have the staff! We hope you understand our limitations.