Show and Tell and Talk


It’s officially show-and-tell day here at the Plugged In offices. That was one of my favorite things in grade school, so why dampen down the good vibrations just because we’re adults?

In this case, we’ll show, and you can tell … us what you think of the new look and feel of our blog. You’ll see the same great writers, of course, and the same focus on entertainment and tech and how those things affect all of our lives. Hopefully you’ll be able use the same user name and password you were using before. And if you haven’t commented for a while (or ever!) because maybe it was too much of a hassle, we’ve tried to make it even easier to get through that one-time sign-up process.

We’re looking forward to the best year yet in 2015. And we’ll be kicking things into an even higher gear next week with our annual Plugged In Movie Awards. So we’re glad you’re here with us. We enjoy the conversation, and know that we grow from it right along with you.

Who wrote this?

Steven Isaac served as editor for Plugged In’s NRB- and EPA-award-winning website for more than a decade, orchestrating, managing, scheduling, shaping and tweaking at least 750 reviews and articles annually. He’s a husband and a father of a teenager.

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Alex Clark More than 1 year ago
When you guys updated to this new format, did it erase all the comments?  I was looking back over the articles from the past few weeks and noticed that almost all of them have disappeared.  I never got to see if anyone responded to my comment on the article ""what is a christian movie anyway" :(.  
Jake R. More than 1 year ago
Hey Alex! Most of the comments came over okay, but a few of the more recent comments, as you noticed, did get caught up in the wash. We are working on getting them back, though.