Solo Stays at No. 1 (But Loses Lots of Force)

solo a star wars story

Han Solo’s origin story may have held onto first place at the box office this weekend. But it got a little (ahem) Chewied up in the process.

Solo: A Star Wars Story clung to No. 1, stowing an estimated $29.3 million in the Millennium Falcon’s secret storage compartments. But while that might be just enough to pay off his future debts to Jabba the Hut, it probably wasn’t enough to please Mickey the Mouse. Disney, which now owns the Star Wars franchise, was hoping Solo to earn enough to cover Cloud City in galactic credits. But while Solo has earned $148.9 million in its North American run already, the galactic ruffian has come up way short of expectations, and any future Solo-centric franchise might find itself frozen in carbonite.

Deadpool 2, whose titular character is notoriously tough to kill, has proven to be fairly bulletproof in its own right. The R-rated superhero flick spent a second straight weekend at No. 2, earning $23.3 million. The flick has now earned $254.7 million in less than three weeks, making it the year’s third highest-grossing film.

Deadpool’s success, by the way, cements 2018 as being especially kind to superheroes (at least at the box office). The top three flicks are all Marvel properties: Black Panther leads the way with $699.1 million, with Avengers: Infinity War in second with $642.9 million. Oh, and Infinity War continues to add a bit o’ cash every weekend. It finished fourth this weekend with $10.4 million, just behind third-place newcomer Adrift ($11.5 million).

Book Club closed out the top five with a $6.8-million weekend.

Book Club’s performance helped lock a couple of other newcomers outside the top five. Upgrade finished sixth with $4.5 million, which felt just fine for a movie not many folks expected much from. The same cannot be said for Action Point. Jacka– star Johnny Knoxville’s latest salacious, stupid-stunt-driven cinematic effort banked just $2.3 million, despite playing in more than 2,000 theaters. That puts the flick on Box Office Mojo’s rather dubious list of the worst wide openings ever (at No. 23). For Knoxville right now, all the action is pointing straight down.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good evening,

My wife and I went to see "Solo: A Star Wars Story" on our forty-seventh (47th) anniversary June 12th. I truly wish that I had never seen this movie!!! Way back … in 1977 we were living in Los Angeles and saw the very first Star Wars movie at the Chinese theater in Hollywood. The series was brand new, there were heroes and villains, and the special effects were awesome!! Forty-one (41) years later this series has hit rock bottom! The film from beginning to end offers no/zero hope!! The characters are all compromised! The Star Wars universe is a hopeless, very unhappy place. There is no absolute God who loves His creation but an impersonal "force." No wonder the people in this universe act the evil/wicked way they do! They have no hope!!!

I thank the LORD Jesus Christ that I live in the universe that I do! Hopefully, movie "goers" around the world will finally "see" the Star Wars series for what it really is? Hopeless!! A dead end street!! Better not to be born than to live in a universe of hopelessness ending in nothingness!!

Doug Olson
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't say I'm sad to see Action Point bombing. The whole trend of watching mooks hurt themselves doing goofy stunts seems to have passed. Good news for Western civilization!

Has anyone seen Solo? Someone recommended it to me earlier today. I loved The Last Jedi but wasn't quite sold on Rogue One.

-- The Kenosha Kid
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Solo! It was a fun adventure movie with a couple fun twists that I didn't expect. The tone was much closer to Force Awakens than Rogue One - nothing super dark or intense, just an exciting space adventure!
Chuck Anziulewicz More than 1 year ago
"I love The Last Jedi but wasn't quite sold on Rogue One."

REALLY? Both I and most of the people I've spoken with felt exactly the opposite. I thought Rogue One was a pretty strong movie, and the ending was sheer perfection. But The Last Jedi was a bit long-winded.

Solo has been clocking in at the low 70s at Rotten Tomatoes. Me, I was just MEH. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 5.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi Chuck,

I thought the ending to Rogue One would have had a lot more impact if the characters had been more developed. They seemed a little one-dimensional. I liked the way the story dovetailed with the original Star Wars though.

The Last Jedi was in another league, even though I know it had a lot of detractors. Each of the main characters had a clearly defined arc, and the story took some daring chances that I'm not used to seeing in modern "franchise"-based movies, which are usually more about brand extension than art and creative storytelling. 

I thought The Last Jedi was easily the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back.

-- The Kenosha Kid