Star Pressure


thompson.JPGA while back I spouted a bit about director Roman Polanski, his 30-year-old sex crimes, and the celebrities who rallied together demanding that he be exonerated. Well, a tiny tidbit of side news about that ongoing saga popped up recently. And I thought it was interesting … in a non-Polanski way.

OK, that may sound confusing. But bear with me.

Anyway, it seems that actress Emma Thompson asked to have her name removed from that online petition full of Polanski supporters. Why, you ask? Well, a group of her fans voiced their dismay and asked her to just say “no.” And she took their advice. Just as simple as that. In fact, Thompson said she was pressured to sign the petition in the first place because scores of her movie making pals “rang her up” with requests to join in.

Now the fact that Hollywood types give in to peer pressure isn’t really a big deal, I suppose. But we often talk about how we, as a culture, can be influenced by the entertainment we consume and the celebrities we watch. Isn’t it interesting to note that those same celebrities can be influenced, too? And in some cases, by little ol’ us?

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago

Comment by  workingclass_hero:

this is just something that has been bothering me since polanski was arrested: in 1977, he was taken to court, and sentenced to jail time after a plea bargain dropped five of the charges against him. He served it, and was taken back to court to be sentenced again. but he fled to France when the judge said he was going to deport him. Polanski was sued by the girl, and they settled on him paying her $500,000. He was extradited because of five outstanding warrants, even though those charges had been dropped. he has payed for his crime as the victim wanted. so he should be released.