Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movie For Adults


Those Oscar voters have it made. To choose the best of the best based on sheer aesthetics—the writing, the acting, the cinematography—feels easy compared to the task set before us. In this category, we have to factor in ethics, morality and worldview, too. Sure, maybe a given film looks amazing. But what does it actually […]

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2015 Plugged In Movie Awards: Winners


Announcing the winners of the third annual PLUGGED IN MOVIE AWARDS! BEST MOVIE FOR KIDS Nominees: Big Hero 6, Dolphin Tale 2, The LEGO Movie, Muppets Most Wanted, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Plugged In’s Pick: The LEGO Movie This was a tough choice for us. All the movies here are solidly […]

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2015 Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movie for Adults


All this week we’re announcing the nominees for the Plugged In Movie Awards in the categories of Best Movie for Kids, Best Movie for Teens, Best Movie for Adults and Best Christian Movie. These films represent what we consider to be the best of what got released in 2014, and not just artistically speaking, but morally and content-wise, too. Our […]

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