Deadpool Burbles To Victory


A cornucopia of superheroes gathered at the local multiplex this weekend, squaring off in some sort of weird, meta, battle royale-like clash. In one corner, the A-list do-gooders from the Avengers, the three-time defending box-office champs. In the other, the R-rated upstart Deadpool and his own (admittedly derivative) X-Force team. But even before the contest […]

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Infinity War Spends Infinity at No. 1

Infinity War

I’m beginning to wonder whether Disney somehow snagged an Infinity Stone—perhaps Doctor Strange’s Time Stone. After all, Avengers: Infinity War seems to be repeating history every week: another weekend, another record or two, another win. The weekend’s two major newcomers couldn’t come close to topping Disney/Marvel’s purple-tinged titan. It earned an estimated $61.8 million, pushing […]

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Avengers: To Infinity and the Box Office!


It came bent on utter domination. Once it was through, it left smoldering ruins in its wake. Try as its adversaries might, nothing could stop this awe-inducing, terrifying, world-destroying juggernaut. Are we talking Thanos, perhaps? Galactus? Darkseid, maybe? Nope. Try Avengers: Infinity War. Disney/Marvel’s latest superhero flick didn’t just win the box office this weekend: […]

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Rampage Rocks Box Office, But Quiet Place Keeps Rolling


Movies don’t get much different from each other than Rampage and A Quiet Place. The former, based on a 1990s-era video game, is dumb, loud fun built on gigantic monsters and CGI explosions and, oh yeah, the bulky charisma of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A Quiet Place is, well, a quieter movie—an intelligent horror thriller […]

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Another Win for Wakanda (and Black Panther)

Black panther

Yes, King T’Challa moonlights as Black Panther, the nation of Wakanda’s sacred protector. But his titular movie is proving to be something of an Iron Man at the box office. Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther continues to dominate at the multiplex, earning an estimated $65.7 million in North America to coast to its third straight win. That’s […]

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Black Panther Takes Two

Black Panther

The reclusive African nation of Wakanda may have weapons that make ours look like stone spears, but it says it has no interest in fighting anyone. ‘Course, judging from the box-office standings, there’s more than one way to conquer the world. Black Panther, Disney/Marvel’s latest superhero flick, crushed the box-office derby for the second straight […]

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