You Want WHAT for Your Birthday Party?


We all know that poop ain’t pleasant. That’s why we hold our noses and give it lots of generally negative names such as “defecation,” “excrement,” “waste” and lots of other names. But it seems we’re living in a new age of bodily waste fandom. A time when a grinning internet emoji has grabbed our attention […]

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Hilarious Video Shows How Social Media Can Ruin Your Best Moments

John Crist, "The Perfect Instagram Proposal"

Contrary to how it feels at times, social media is not the worst thing ever. It won’t steal your lunch (most days). It doesn’t wear your favorite outfit (except on occasion). It can’t steal your soul (…we’re pretty sure). But that doesn’t mean all is gravy. Because it still might ruin your cute engagement story. As […]

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Vodcast Roundtable: Discussing Eight Oscar Nominees in Eight Minutes

Eight Oscars in Eight Minutes | Plugged In 2016 Academy Awards Roundtable

Oscars weekend is upon us. Are you ready for the 88th Academy Awards? Do you even care? We here at Plugged In don’t tend to put much stock into what the Academy likes or dislikes. Our criteria for what makes a film great differs pretty significantly, after all. But, in spite of all the debate […]

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The Clock Ticks, The Tech Pile Grows


One pleasant advantage of having a few years under my belt, is the ability to drone on endlessly about my phenomenal, life-changing adventures in the ’70s and ’80s. And as I pontificate about my collected memories, I can watch happily as Millennial listeners sigh and consider their own meager experiences. They may have youth and […]

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Emojis Leave Me Feeling (Insert Confused Face Here)


In an effort to give users a little more flexibility with how they respond to their friends’ missives, Facebook is testing a small set of emojis. The little smiling/laughing/crying/fuming faces will roll out only in Spain and Ireland at first, but could come to the rest of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users in the near future. […]

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Hope for Those Who Still Haven’t Set Up Their Christmas Tree

Boy Dragging Christmas Tree

There is an informal series of Christmas-themed cartoons that Bill Watterson included in his much-loved Calvin and Hobbes strips. Some of them have become favorites around our house every holiday season. The gist is always about the same, that Calvin’s excited about Christmas and Dad is pretending to not care a whit about it. One begins […]

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