Pokémon Go’s Influence a Year Later

Pokemon Go

Plugged In’s coverage of video games typically leans in a cautionary direction. (As does, frankly, our coverage of other entertainment media as well.) For years, our weekly Culture Clips feature has documented what social scientists have observed about the influence of video games. Though we’ve commented on both positive and negative impacts of games on […]

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Pokemon Go and the Hunt for Imagination


The mobile gaming app Pokémon Go crossed over 100 million downloads last week, and it’s still barreling through the culture like an armor-plated buffalo (which, frankly, would be a pretty cool Pokémon critter in itself). And now, since even your Great Aunt Edna is trying to catch ’em all, scholarly experts are popping out of […]

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2016 Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movie for Kids


Oscars, schmoscars. Since nobody’s actually paying much attention to all that manufactured buzz about the likes of The Revenant and Mad Max, we’ll move right along with our own set of moviedom honors. It’s time once again for our Plugged In Movie Awards, wherein we select the movies we feel best nourish both the mind […]

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Rediscovering the Old Fashioned Joy of Reading … Out Loud … Together


There’s very, very little that I’ve done in more than nine years of parenting that I would absolutely, unequivocally say that I’ve gotten right as a father. I’m not always consistent. I can get talked into things by my kids if they pester me long enough. I’m more likely to say yes to dessert than […]

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The State of Teens, Tweens and Screens


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice how screen and media time continues to grow for so many of us, young and old, these days. Televisions, computers, e-readers, tablets and smartphones offer unprecedented opportunities to engage in all manner of entertainment media. But just how much of this entertainment do our teens and tweens […]

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