IT Still a Hit

It little boy peering into storm grate

After a second-straight week at the top of the box office, one thing should be abundantly clear: IT ain’t clowning around. The high-grossing (and kind of gross) horror flick scared the willickers out of its competition and officially became the largest September release ever. IT dragged an estimated $60 million into the sewers. That pushes […]

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Hitman’s Bodyguard Threepeats During Drowsy Labor Day Weekend

Hitman's Bodyguard wins again

It’s a bit fitting that the weekend’s only major “new” release was the 40-year-old Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Given the woefully slim box-office receipts, this was a distinctly retro weekend. The top 12 movies collectively cashed a paltry $51.5 million, making it the worst extended Labor Day weekend in 17 years. That’s right: […]

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The Dark Tower Ekes Out a Win

Dark Tower

After more than a decade of development, Stephen King’s fantastical world of The Dark Tower hit theaters this weekend. But while the film features a Man in Black (courtesy Matthew McConaughey), it will be a while before the film gets into the black. The Dark Tower movie—an amalgamation/sequel of sorts to King’s massive series—did debut […]

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Dunkirk Wins Again


A miracle for Dunkirk? Well, probably not. But Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic still pulled out another win—fending off a platoon of smiley faces, a plutonium platinum-haired hero and the year’s most successful raunchfest. We can almost hear the subsequent speech at Warner Bros. headquarters: “We’ll fight them at the multiplex. We’ll fight them […]

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Dunkirk Triumphs

The British didn’t win the battle of Dunkirk in 1940. But thanks in part to the ingenuity of some regular-but-heroic folks determined to help rescue Allied soldiers trapped on that French beach, most of them survived. Dunkirk, the movie, meanwhile needed no rescuing whatsoever. The latest effort from acclaimed British director Christopher Nolan—perhaps best known […]

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War For Planet of the Apes Wins Weekend Battle

War for the Planet of the Apes

You could say that Caesar made some salad. War for the Planet of the Apes, featuring the super-smart alpha chimp Caesar, scrambled up the box office skyscraper, pulled down your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and thumped its metaphorical chest in triumph this weekend. The latest Planet of the Apes flick cleared an estimated $56.5 million to […]

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Cars 3 Drives to No. 1

There’s no question that Wonder Woman is a pretty tough lady. Until now, she withstood all challenges to her reign as the box office’s very own Amazonian princess. But this weekend, the fabled warrior met her match: a band of Pixar automobiles. Cars 3 let the good times roll. The estimated $53.5 million it earned […]

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