Megatron Hates Selfies

Still of Megatron

Finally, we can say something good about the Transformers. Oh, not about the movies! But Megatron, who Universal Studios in Florida somehow convinced to entertain its paying customers, offers more wisdom in 38 seconds than the four movies did in 10 hours. “Use your mind!” He (it?) says. “Create new memories! Interact, don’t just add it […]

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Movie Monday: The Hobbit Remains Unbroken

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Despite a challenge from two formidable newcomers, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies once again stood at the summit of the box office’s lonely mountain, presumably hurling taunts down at the movies below. The third Hobbit movie pillaged moviegoers for an estimated $41.4 million in the days following Christmas, bringing its estimated total take to a very […]

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Why I Like ‘The Interview’

Still from The Interview

We talk a lot at Plugged In about how influential movies can be in our lives. But rarely do we see one cause an international incident. The Interview was supposed to be a silly, throwaway R-rated comedy—counter programming to the slew of high-prestige Oscar hopefuls trundling out this month. I mean, the flick stars Seth Rogen […]

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Movie Monday: Exodus Gods and Kings

Still from Exodus: Gods and Kings

Well, Exodus: Gods and Kings didn’t exactly part the waters. But during a slow December weekend, Ridley Scott’s biblical epic still showed enough Old Testament oomph to reach the top of the box office mountain, chiseling out a less-than-commanding $24.5 million (estimated, of course). How does Exodus stack up with other would-be biblical blockbusters? Well, it […]

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