What This Year’s Oscars Can Teach Us

joaquin oscars

Ratings for the Oscars telecast are in, and they’re … not good. Just 23.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Parasite walk away with Best Picture honors, which the Associated Press says was an all-time low for the ABC telecast. While viewers for all sorts of awards shows have been declining in the age of […]

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When Celebs Seize the Bully Pulpit


How do you respond when a celebrity accepting an award uses that opportunity to preach a mini-sermon? I don’t know about you, but I immediately reach for the remote so I can mute the TV. I’m exposed to enough marketing elsewhere in my life—like, well, everywhere—that I generally don’t respond very patiently to famous people […]

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Just Movies? Not According to the Oscars, They’re Not.


About midway through Sunday’s Oscar telecast on ABC, host Chris Rock brought out his daughters’ Girl Scout troop and had them sell cookies to Hollywood’s A-listers. “Leo, you made $30 million—come on!” Rock hollered in the direction of Leonardo DiCaprio. By the time he tallied the troop’s earnings for the evening—somewhere north of $65,000—I was […]

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Vodcast Roundtable: Discussing Eight Oscar Nominees in Eight Minutes

Eight Oscars in Eight Minutes | Plugged In 2016 Academy Awards Roundtable

Oscars weekend is upon us. Are you ready for the 88th Academy Awards? Do you even care? We here at Plugged In don’t tend to put much stock into what the Academy likes or dislikes. Our criteria for what makes a film great differs pretty significantly, after all. But, in spite of all the debate […]

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