Television Tops 2014: Paul Asay’s Year-End Picks

My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic

Television just keeps getting better and better. It also gets worse and worse. It’s the frustrating paradox of reviewing television. While TV-based stories have gotten more nuanced and complex, they’ve also become more needlessly foul and salacious—and sometimes it seems like Emmy awards often go hand in hand with withering content. Which leaves discerning viewers […]

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Game Goods 2014: Bob Hoose’s Year-End Picks

Right out of the clamshell box let me say that 2014 was a pretty decent year for video games. Those little digital bundles of button-mashing entertainment continued to push the boundaries of story and adventure. Thanks to the powered-up latest-gen consoles that were released at the end of 2013, some pretty impressive titles showed up […]

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What in the World Did He Just Sing? Or, How Plugged In Reviews Music

Each week here at Plugged In, I review at least one music track and an album. And that can actually be kind of a tricky thing. Because music is such a deeply personal medium—in fact, I’d argue that music might just be the entertainment category that fans identify with the most fervently—we regularly get questions […]

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