Ad and A.D. Add Up to a Big Easter on TV

About 3.7 million people tuned in to watch Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus on the National Geographic Channel last Sunday—the most ever to watch a show on the network, and a 300% improvement on NatGeo’s typical Sunday-night ratings. It was a success. But it wasn’t a surprise. Jesus—or, rather, shows predicated on Him—is big business these […]

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Unpacking Madonna’s Spiritual Beliefs

Madonna’s 13th album, Rebel Heart, includes quite a lot of spiritual imagery—sometimes couching temptation in terms of a struggle requiring divine assistance, other times merging erotic sexual innuendo and religious iconography in deliberately provocative ways. In a lengthy new interview with Rolling Stone, the Material Girl talked about some of her spiritual experiences growing up, […]

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We’re Reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey. Here’s Why.

A few days ago, Plugged In received an email from a concerned reader, asking us not to review Fifty Shades of Grey. “I’m fairly confident anyone who visits this website will not be interested in seeing the film,” the man’s note said, “and I am troubled at the thought of sending one of your employees to […]

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What Is a Christian Movie, Anyway?

Still from Mom's Night Out trailer

A year ago, as 2014 opened, the entertainment world was declaring that it would be the year of the Christian movie. Hollywood, we were told, heard our cries! They answered our longings for movies that speak to us Christians and our God-loving souls! We Christian moviegoers would show the entertainment industry our true and mighty […]

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Luke Zamperini Speaks Out About Unbroken

Louis and Luke Zamperini

With Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken, about the life of Louis Zamperini, set to release on Christmas Day, it seemed timely to offer you a conversation I had a few days ago with Louis’ 61-year-old son, Luke. Even before seeing the film, I was a huge Louis Z fan. His remarkable story—that of being an Olympic […]

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Bale’s Take on Moses: Schizophrenic, Barbaric, Mercurial

Still of Christian Bale as Moses in "Exodus"

Every time a big-name Hollywood director announces he’s going to tackle a familiar biblical story, I hold my breath. On one hand, it’s exhilarating that these scriptural epics are getting mainstream screen time—not to mention eye-popping budgets and special effects to retell these tales on the grandest cinematic scale possible. On the other hand, when […]

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What Tim Lambesis Is Learning Now That He’s Away From the Cacophony

I don’t often think very much about metalcore music. If I’m listening to it (usually for this job), it’s kinda hard to think at all, brain-rattling as it is. And when I’m not listening to it (usually for everything else), I can’t seem to remember what I’m supposed to have learned from it while I […]

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