Cyberbullying Themselves


Fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith lived in Leicestershire, England. Fifteen-year-old Natalie Natividad lived in a little town called Hebbronville, Texas. Neither girl knew of the other, but they had a few things in common. For one, they were both bombarded with hurtful messages online, some saying nasty things about the way the girls looked, others going so […]

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Culture Clips: Emmys Put on a Red Shawl

The Handmaid's Tale

Back in the day, television was considered something of a cultural unifier—the very definition of mass entertainment that would serve as a focal point for familial, communal, and even intergenerational gatherings. Yeah, about that. The Emmy awards—from the tone of the show to the awards themselves—illustrated a certain cultural divide. “In an age of hyper-polarization, […]

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And You Thought She Just Liked Doing Laundry


Being a mom is hard work. What with child care, car pools, household chores, food prep, and the gazillion other jobs and duties they’ve got on their plate—not to mention their regular, out-of-the-house jobs that many have besides—how do they have time to relax and unwind? You know, have a little time for themselves? Or […]

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Culture Clips: The Kids Aren’t All Right

More and more young people are struggling with suicidal thoughts and actually taking their own lives, according to recent research reported by USA Today. The suicide rate for children ages 10 to 14 doubled between 2007 and 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And a new Vanderbilt study that analyzed data […]

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A Tool for Evaluating Your Children’s Screen Time

A child looking at a tablet.

We hear a lot about the hazard of excessive screen these days. For ourselves. For our kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics refined its recommendations for children’s screen time last October. For babies below the age of 18 months, the AAP suggests no screens at all. Between that milestone and 2 years, screens can be […]

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Are Teens Replacing One Drug With Another?

News that today’s teens are drinking and taking drugs less than ever can’t be anything but good news, right? Yes, obviously the drop in teen substance abuse, as reported by the University of Michigan’s latest Monitoring the Future study,  is a very good thing. But the question remains, why? Are today’s adolescents more risk-averse? Are […]

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Culture Clips: The Kids Are Just All Right

We sometimes publish depressing Culture Clips. Granted, the culture has been pretty glum as of late, what with stories about algorithms making us small-minded or the push for a third-gender option or the fact that one in 25 of us, statistically, has been threatened with “revenge porn.” But the world isn’t all candy-coated chicken livers. […]

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Pokemon Go and the Hunt for Imagination

The mobile gaming app Pokémon Go crossed over 100 million downloads last week, and it’s still barreling through the culture like an armor-plated buffalo (which, frankly, would be a pretty cool Pokémon critter in itself). And now, since even your Great Aunt Edna is trying to catch ’em all, scholarly experts are popping out of […]

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Is It Possible to Unplug Anymore? Even on Vacation?

Ah, vacations. A time to unplug, unwind and get away from our frazzled, workaday, always online world. Only apparently, we don’t. According to a survey conducted by Intel Security, most of us still check emails, post funny videos on Facebook and do, well, pretty much everything we do online when we’re at home or work. […]

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Weighing the Heavy Costs of Extreme Weight-Loss Shows

NBC’s The Biggest Loser has been one of the network’s, ahem, biggest reality TV success stories. It’s paired consistently strong ratings with feel-good storylines about overweight people working hard to get back to a healthy size and all of the good things that come with it. Everybody wins, right? After all, what could be wrong […]

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How Selfies Feed Narcissism

Once upon a time, we used to take pictures of other people. But with the arrival of a front-facing camera on Apple’s iPhone 4 in 2010, we began taking pictures of ourselves en masse. Selfies, they were called—a fluffy, innocuous-sounding descriptor. Six years later, we’re taking more pictures of ourselves than ever. And the younger […]

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