New Flannery O’Connor Doc Unpacks Her Life and Faith


When she was attending the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop in the mid-1940s, Flannery O’Connor asked her priest whether she could write about “difficult things.” We can only assume that the priest gave O’Connor his blessing: Few writers have tackled more “difficult things” than O’Connor. The new documentary Flannery, playing at a variety of “virtual cinemas” […]

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Bolivian Boys Discover They Can’t Become Spider-Man


Everyone knows that Spider-Man’s powers came from being bitten by a radioactive spider, right? And everyone also knows that super-power-bestowing radioactive spider bites aren’t real, right? Well, three brothers from Bolivia didn’t know that second part. The boys, ages 8, 10 and 12, hail from the remote village of Chayanta in the Andes mountains. And […]

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Some Good News About ‘Some Good News’


Perhaps one of the most exhausting things about the coronavirus epidemic is the nonstop negative coverage about the coronavirus epidemic. And the news can be pretty bleak. Lives have been lost, businesses have been shut down, and many families are struggling to make ends meet. (If you or someone you know is struggling through this […]

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Director of ‘Jump Shot’ Talks About the Most Interesting Man You’ve Never Heard Of


Who invented basketball’s jump shot? Ten years ago, director and cinematographer Jacob Hamilton would’ve answered the question like most of us might: No one. “I thought it had always existed,” he says. And then he heard about Kenny Sailors. For the last nine years, Hamilton’s worked on bringing Sailors’ remarkable story to light—a story that […]

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Culture Clips: Behind Bars, But Newly Freed

culture clips prison

The Bible says the truth will set you free. But sometimes it’ll land you in jail, too. Languishing in jail in advance of his trial for (among other things) robbery and murder, Danny Dashay Holmes ran across the lyrics of Big Daddy Weave’s song “Redeemed.” Those lyrics inspired the guy to walk into court and […]

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Game of … Critics?

Game of Critics

To paraphrase something Bruce Banner once said, “Don’t make the fans angry. You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.” Since the advent of social media, fans have increasingly had an online outlet to express their euphoria in glorious, crowd-pleasing moments—and to vent their white-hot, dragon-fire rage when their beloved franchises veer in directions they deem […]

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What a Rescue in Thailand Can Teach Us About Entertainment … and Life


It’s nice to read a happy ending now and then. Like much of the world, I’ve been following the story of a Thailand soccer team—12 boys and a coach—who’d been trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks. Rescuers were racing ’round the clock to save the team before heavy rains made rescue […]

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Russell Brand’s Unexpected Journey: From Addiction to … Jesus?

Russell Brand

If you had to choose five celebrities whom you thought were least likely to have a spiritual encounter with Jesus, who would be on your list? It’s an interesting thought experiment, isn’t it? One who might have made my list is the British comedian/actor perhaps most famous for being Katy Perry’s ex-husband: Russell Brand. He […]

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Why “This is Us” is Sweeping the Nation


Over the last two seasons, NBC’s This is Us has become must-see TV for many a viewer, many of whom watch the show with a box of tissues handy. While the show has its content problems—and really, how many popular TV programs don’t?—it also showcases compelling, deeply emotional narratives that, for many, hit close to […]

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Dear Star Wars: Happy Birthday! Sincerely, the Future You Created.


When I was just a wee lad wearing bell-bottoms back in 1977, I bounded into a tiny movie theater in New Mexico to watch a little film called Star Wars. And my 8-year-old mind was blown. I didn’t see it on opening day—May 25, 1977, exactly 40 years ago today. The film (now known to […]

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