Culture Clips: Will a Curious Trailer Kill These Cats?

Cats trailer

In case you missed it, the new trailer for the upcoming movie musical Cats came out this week and audiences are … unsure about how they feel. On the one hand, the movie is taken from one of the longest-running Broadway shows of all time. With its star-studded cast (Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellan, […]

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Star Wars: The Memories Awaken


In late May of 1977, my mom and I clambered into the cavernous back seat of our neighbors’ Chevrolet Caprice Classic wagon and headed downtown to see Star Wars at the palatial River Hills theater in Des Moines, Iowa. The opening scene is forever seared into my memory, and to this day I don’t think […]

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Ant-Man: A Tiny Lesson From a Tiny Superhero


So, the new trailer for Marvel’s newest superhero movie, Ant-Man, has just arrived on YouTube. And with 4 million views and climbing fast at the time of this post, the response has been … well, big. After watching another Marvel superhero, Daredevil, take a dark turn over on Netflix this week, it’s nice to see Ant-Man take […]

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Chappie, Meet Ultron


Later on today, we’ll be publishing our review of Chappie, the latest sci-fi thinkpiece from Neill Blomkamp (Elysium and District 9). I’ll be interested to see what our reviewer Bob Hoose has to say about the flick, but the trailers suggest that Chappie’s a violent, R-rated version of Pinocchio—about a manmade creation who becomes a […]

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