Upsilon Circuit: One Strike and You’re Out

If you’ve ever played an online role-playing game like, say, World of Warcraft, you know that they’re generally vast, open-world games that plop your avatar down in a digital world filled with hundreds of AI characters and literally thousands of gamers (when you tally up attendance across the many servers available). In those make-believe lands […]

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The Drop Box Drops Today

Focus on the Family in conjunction with Kindred Image release their new documentary The Drop Box today through Fathom Events. The film is an intimate look at the work of Pastor Lee Jong-rak, a South Korean minister who for decades has manned a “drop box” to collect unwanted babies. It runs in select U.S. theaters […]

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Luke Zamperini Speaks Out About Unbroken

Louis and Luke Zamperini

With Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken, about the life of Louis Zamperini, set to release on Christmas Day, it seemed timely to offer you a conversation I had a few days ago with Louis’ 61-year-old son, Luke. Even before seeing the film, I was a huge Louis Z fan. His remarkable story—that of being an Olympic […]

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Why I Like ‘The Interview’

Still from The Interview

We talk a lot at Plugged In about how influential movies can be in our lives. But rarely do we see one cause an international incident. The Interview was supposed to be a silly, throwaway R-rated comedy—counter programming to the slew of high-prestige Oscar hopefuls trundling out this month. I mean, the flick stars Seth Rogen […]

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Bale’s Take on Moses: Schizophrenic, Barbaric, Mercurial

Still of Christian Bale as Moses in "Exodus"

Every time a big-name Hollywood director announces he’s going to tackle a familiar biblical story, I hold my breath. On one hand, it’s exhilarating that these scriptural epics are getting mainstream screen time—not to mention eye-popping budgets and special effects to retell these tales on the grandest cinematic scale possible. On the other hand, when […]

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