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A few months ago, my husband convinced me to buy Amazon’s Echo Dot. I was skeptical at first. To be honest, I didn’t want Alexa listening in on all my business, but he gave some pretty compelling reasons as to how Alexa might help streamline our life.

I would be able to change the channel, or shut the TV off, for my little one without needing to dig the remote out of the couch while tackling my to-do list right after work. I could listen to music without having to stop and pull up Spotify on my phone while changing a diaper. And on those crazy days where my kid didn’t seem to listen to me, well, I could always trust that Alexa would.

You get the picture. But I’m not the only one that’s benefited from the use of ever-expanding tech. According to a recent article in USA Today, technology is helping senior citizens age well “in-place.”

One resident said of her Amazon Echo speaker that “Alexa has been a miracle … I ask ‘what is the weather,’ and get an answer. Alexa turns on my lights, tells me what time it is, and when to take my pills.”

But it’s not just Alexa that’s changing the game. There are even new gadgets that look like smartwatches but that act as sensory monitors that help keep track of those you love. So, if your grandma falls, you’ll know the second it happens, and you can do what you need to make sure she’s all right. And if your mom, dad or grandparent need a furry, loving companion to fight off any loneliness, they could get a robotic animal  to keep them company.

This might sound weird to some, as if we’re entering a new-tech obsessed age. (Or an even more tech-obsessed age?) But it suggests to me that technology can be used as an amazing tool to help, not just hinder. In fact, Samsung recently came out with a phone that allows both the deaf and blind to communicate with the ones they love. And if you haven’t watched the clip yet, you should. I cried.

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