The Plugged In Show, Episode 32: Remembering the Good Old Days


We all know things were better in the past, right? And that’s especially true when it comes to pop culture, we think. Today’s stuff is just full of problems, enough to make us yearn for the kinder, gentler movies, music and TV shows of the past.

It’s an inviting idea. But is it actually … true?

This week on The Plugged In Show, our team compares that perception of “the good old days” to the reality of what we find when we look closely. In some ways, the past may well have been more wholesome (or at least, less problematic). In other ways, though, we may discover that the past’s popular entertainment offerings weren’t better. They just had different problems—the kind we’re apt to forget in the warm glow of nostalgia.

That’s easy to see when we compare recent remakes of some ‘80s films—such as The Karate Kid, for instance. But even with classics from the more distant past, we may be surprised to discover problems that are glaringly obvious now that were simply reflections of a differing cultural mores and contexts back then.

So take a listen (and subscribe!) to the latest episode of The Plugged In Show.

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