Thor: Ragnarok Hammers Home a Win

Thor: Ragnarok

Ragnarok? Try Ragna-rocks!

Thor: Ragnarok roared to a truly thunderous win, plundering North American theaters for a titanic $121 million (estimated, of course). That’s about $35 million more than Thor: The Dark World earned in its first weekend back in 2013, and $55 million more than Chris Hemsworth’s original turn as the God of Thunder in 2011.

Add in the more than $300 million Ragnarok’s already earned overseas, and you’ve got Asgardian vaults busting at the seams with moola. Seems that the Hulk isn’t the only one seeing green. (Too bad Thor’s hammer Mjölnir didn’t survive the movie: It’d be up for some nice gold plating.)

Incidentally, the Marvel franchise continues to be moviedom’s cinematic cash cow. Collectively, according to Box Office Mojo, Marvel’s movies have banked nearly $5.1 billion in North America, and more than $13 billion worldwide.

No other movie came close to pushing Thor off his lofty perch. Indeed, take Ragnarok’s take out of the mix, and the rest of the box office combined for just a paltry $56.8 million—half of what Ragnarok earned all by itself.

A Bad Moms Christmas proved to be the best of the rest, unwrapping $17 million in receipts for second place. A couple of Halloween holdovers finished next: Jigsaw, last week’s champ, slid to third, taking a $6.7 million (ahem) cut. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, scared up $4.7 million or so for fourth. Geostorm closed out the top five with a $3 million weekend.

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