Vodcast: The Curious Case of Doctor Strange

Myth and the Curious Case of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is nothing if not an odd, curious duck. Both the character and the movie, to be clear.

The “good” doctor himself is a bit of a roguish hero who, while outwardly projecting confidence and bravado, inwardly struggles with a massive identity crisis due to a severely misplaced sense of self-worth. The movie itself, while outwardly filled to the brim with overt nods to eastern mysticism and other occultish trappings, seems inwardly bolstered with a moral backbone rooted in the Bible.

Paul highlighted both competing interests in his excellent review of the film (and Adam also touched on a related aspect yesterday), but there was still a lot more to unpack and discuss—and argue about—than would fit in those pieces. So Paul and I strapped on our figurative boxing gloves and duked out our differences in the virtual arena that is our vodcast.

So climb into the ring and tell us something … where do you see the fold?

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