Vodcast: The Dark Side of Angry Birds

Angry Birds has a deep, dark secret.

Their insidious secret? They don’t really care about the eggs. They’re after something much, much more precious. Something each of us can only dream of acquiring more of. Something men and women have chased for thousands of years.

And they aren’t working alone. They have cohorts. We’re all surrounded. Chances are they’ve already infiltrated your home. I know they’ve invaded mine.

There is, however, some good news. They can be tamed. We can make them our friends. We just have to show them who’s boss.

How you ask? And what are they after in the first place?

Lucky for you, Paul and I are tackling those very questions.


Who wrote this?

Jake Roberson is Plugged In’s social media manager and strategist. He’s the father of four children and husband of one wife, and he quite likes life that way. He also likes writing about entertainment, pop culture, dadhood … and food. He’s also a former Guinness World Record holder for participating in the largest hacky sack circle. Catch up with him on Twitter @jake_roberson

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