Vodcast: Is Fuller House Bad TV?

What is one to make of Fuller House?

The much-anticipated reboot/sequel/continuance of the popular 80s sitcom, Full House, has been widely panned since making its debut on Netflix a few weeks ago, and there are a few theories as to why that is.

Some found it just plain bad. They didn’t like the acting … or the jokes … or the laugh track … or much of anything. Others were put off by the perception that the show was introducing inappropriate content unfitting for children and that was a departure from the show’s family friendly roots. But some fans defended the show: Hey, Full House was never exactly prestige TV, even back in its glory days. And perhaps it always had some uncomfortable content, too: Maybe we just don’t remember it.

Which, actually, is a very interesting point. Is Fuller House actually worse than Full House was? Have we white-washed the original in our memories? Or is it that our sensitivities have just shifted in focus?

Let’s talk about that.

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