Vodcast: The Little Prince and the Beautiful Mess of Story

Stories are so misunderstood. As much as we all enjoy them, we often fail to recognize—or just flat out misunderstand—their importance and power, both for ill and for good. Which is why it’s nice when a story comes along that reminds us of the beauty that a good story can unveil and the ways they can move our hearts.

Today, Paul and I talk about Netflix’s new flick, The Little Prince, and the powerful way it reminds us to refocus our hearts and minds on what really matters, not just what society deems to be ‘Matters of Consequence.’

And, if you prefer an audio-only version, you’re in extra luck this week! We recorded a fun and robust discussion about Suicide Squad and the resonance of its story, as well as its portrayal of a different brand of antihero.

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