Vodcast: Meet Mully


How much difference can one person really make? The forthcoming documentary Mully addresses that question with the story of one remarkable man’s life and the transformative influence it has had on the nation of Kenya.

Charles Mully certainly didn’t look like a good candidate to impact thousands of lives. Abandoned by his family at the tender age of 6, he seemed much likely to be one of the lost and forgotten. But the young boy wandered into Nairobi, eventually got a job, then started his own business. In the decades that followed, he became one of Kenya’s wealthiest businessmen.

A chance encounter with some young street toughs asking for money, however, led to an even bigger encounter with God—one that led the successful entrepreneur to rethink his priorities and begin adopting homeless, helpless orphans from the hardscrabble slums of Nairobi. Two-and-a-half decades later, Charles Mully and his family have helped more than 12,000 such orphans.

Focus on the Family has partnered with the filmmakers behind Mully to tell his story. (And for each ticket pre-purchased online, $15 will be donated to orphan care.) To learn more about the film, check out my conversation with Paul Asay below. And be sure to visit http://mully.focusonthefamily.com/ to get all the information you need to see this inspiring documentary in theaters on Oct. 3-5.


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