Vodcast: What Parents Need to Know About PlayStation VR

What Parents Need to Know About Playstation VR - Plugged In Vodcast

PlayStation VR is real and … somewhat less spectacular than you might have thought.

Don’t get us wrong, the tech is pretty cool. Sitting in the cockpit of your own spaceship as you twirl through space in a dogfight? Plopping yourself down in the innards of a tank and charging into a polygon-filled battle? Literally doing some hands-on sleuthing as none other than Batman himself? It’s all quite fascinating.

However, it’s not quite as slick and shiny as the commercials might lead one to believe. There’s more to the setup and use of PlayStation VR (PSVR) than simply popping on a shiny new headset. A whole lot more than that, actually.

In fact, to better illustrate everything involved with the new gear, we’ve put together a vodcast where we do a little review of the PSVR in its current state … and make two dads (myself and “Fathers of the Grind” co-host, Tim Nester) set it all up so you can see just how involved the process is for yourself—and see it in action. (Don’t worry, we “cleverly” speed it up so you get what you need without all the boring stuff.)

So, without further ado, check out all that is PlayStation VR for yourself.

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