Vodcast: The Quality and Theology of Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: Bad Movie, Theology, or Both?

How good, or how bad, is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, really?

No one can seem to agree on whether its actually a good or bad movie. (Which is rather fitting, given the subject matter of the film itself.) The vast majority of reviews from film critics blasted the flick to shreds, yet the staggering weight of  its $268 million(and counting) take at the (U.S.) box office seems to strongly indicate that fans are singing a different tune.

The difference in response between critics and “casual fans” has been so polar opposite, in fact, that a number of fans (already being semi-affectionately labeled as Batman v Superman Review Truthers”) even began to question whether or not all the nay-saying critics had been paid off by Disney/Marvel.

We have some opinions on the matter, as well as on a topic that far fewer people are talking about… yet: what’s the deal with the spiritual themes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Oh, and in case you’d rather listen to this discussion in the car or in the gym or on the run from Russian secret agents, we’ve got a special audio link just for you, right below the video.

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