Vodcast Roundtable: Discussing Eight Oscar Nominees in Eight Minutes

Eight Oscars in Eight Minutes | Plugged In 2016 Academy Awards Roundtable

Oscars weekend is upon us. Are you ready for the 88th Academy Awards? Do you even care?

We here at Plugged In don’t tend to put much stock into what the Academy likes or dislikes. Our criteria for what makes a film great differs pretty significantly, after all. But, in spite of all the debate about its relevance, the myriad conversations surrounding the Oscars make one thing pretty clear: the culture still cares about them and pays them heed.

As such, we think it’s important to talk about the stories that the culture is soaking up. Because if we are to guard our hearts and minds, it’s beneficial to know about that with which we are grappling. It allows us the opportunity to not only shine a light on the world of popular entertainment, but also into that same world.

So, without further ado, I present to you the return of the Plugged In Oscars Roundtable wherein we attempt to discuss all eight of this year’s Academy Award Best Picture nominees (The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, Brooklyn, Room, The Revenant, Bridge of Spies, Spotlight, and The Big Short) in eight minutes or less.

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