Vodcast: Who Got Left Out of the Plugged In Movie Awards?

PIMA rejects

Here at Plugged In we watch a lot of movies. And once a year, Adam Holz, Paul Asay, Bob Hoose and myself all sit down and pick the ones we thought were “the best.” We unpacked those “bests” all last week as our nominations for the Plugged In Movie Awards. But choosing what makes the cut can be tough. And, inevitably, there are some that don’t make it. After all, we only get to choose five movies per category.

But this year we wanted to give you the scoop on our process. Narrowing down our choices is really tricky. There are so many factors that go into why a movie is selected—and why it’s not.

So, if you’re wondering why some movies didn’t make the cut, or perhaps why some were in the “wrong” category, you can now hear us explain our logic—or lack thereof. Happy viewing!

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Kristin Smith is the most recent addition to the Plugged In team. Formerly a Spanish and English teacher, Kristin loves reading literature and eating authentic Mexican tacos. When she's not writing or editing, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Eddy, and running through Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods. She loves coffee, music, her dog (Cali) and cat (Aslan), and is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first baby, Judah.

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Anonymous 10 days ago
I would like everyone to know I saw The Lego Movie: Part 2 and it was AWESOME!

Posted By A-Non-Mouse
Anonymous 10 days ago
Completely agree! It was awesome. 
(disclosure) I did think that it dragged out a bit the last quarter. But all-in-all a solid flick!
-David the Clown 
Anonymous 9 days ago
I agree! And it wasn't nearly as good as the first one. 
I loved how they kinda made fun of Chris Pratt with Emmett and Rex Dangervest! Those parts were hilarious! I also loved the Die Hard reference!

Posted By A-Non-Mouse
Rocketshipper 11 days ago
Christopher Robin was really an adult movie, not a kid's movie.

Wanted to hear more about the Wreck It Ralph decision.  You seriously thought Teen Titans deserved to be a nominee more??  
Julienne Dy 11 days ago
I see my hypothesis regarding how these movies were chosen wasn't too far off the mark.
Anonymous 11 days ago
I still think leaving off Fantastic Beasts and Bohemian Rhapsody was a crime unto itself, but at least God's Not Dead 3 and the Incredibles were nominated.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

"We didn't want to make a whole category of 5 superhero movies, so we decided to choose just one."
Puts Black Panther and Into the Spiderverse in the same category.

Being serious though, I can understand why you guys chose to include Tomb Raider in the best teens category. I didn't love the movie and I frankly think that Aquaman did a better job with female empowerment (even if Mera and Atlanna aren't the main characters), but that's just me.

About Into the Spiderverse, now that you mentioned it, I can see why you left it out of the kids category, considering the two deaths in the film would make some kids cry (a lot).
Julienne Dy 10 days ago
I think they meant live-action superhero movies.  I know it ticks animation fans off to no end that animation is considered a genre as opposed to an art medium, but it is what it is. 
Anonymous 11 days ago
Thank you for addressing your decisions on Spiderman and Tomb Raider. Keep up the good work!
-David the Clown 
Anonymous 11 days ago
I missed the first comment by a mere ten minutes! 
Michael Scot: NOOOOOO!!

Posted By A-Non-Mouse
Anonymous 11 days ago
Vader didn't say "nooooooooooo" that was Luke
-David the Clown
Anonymous 11 days ago
sorry but someone forgot the prequels 
- The Duke of Popcorn
Anonymous 11 days ago
Yup! In the prequels he did! But I understand not remembering the prequels some people just don't like them.

Posted By A-Non-Mouse
Winston hillkirk 11 days ago
In one of the LEGO Star wars videos Vader said, "I've got sand up my NOOOOOO-se!"