‘We Want to Help People Think Critically.’ PI’s Adam Holz Talks With MTV

At Plugged In, we talk about culture a lot. We review entertainment. We write these little blogs. We blather on in the occasional vodcast. But it’s a little more rare that we get an opportunity to speak directly to that culture. To chat with some folks who are most directly influenced by the very entertainment that we review.

Adam Holz had a chance to do just that in an interview with MTV’s Jane Coaston, cheekily titled “Watching Saw for Jesus.” (Apparently Adam, whom I called out just last week for writing a piece for The Washington Times, will not be satisfied until he’s taken over the national media.)

While Coaston obviously isn’t exactly a fan of Focus on the Family, she gets what we’re trying to do at Plugged In. And she lets Adam speak his piece—which he does fluently, cogently and winsomely. He’s honest about what we do here: how we’re asked to chronicle content more than judge a movie’s artistic merits; how we sometimes find difficult movies “engaging;” how Christian movies are slowly getting better. It’s a great behind-the curtains look at what we do and, more importantly, what we try to do.

Not everyone likes what we do, of course, and that won’t change. But I really like what Adam did here: In a way, he built a bridge to folks we don’t ordinarily get a chance to talk with. He and Coaston created a basis for discussion—and in these increasingly polarized times, honest discussion among people who sometimes disagree is all too rare.

Take a look by clicking here.

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