What Do Your Apps Say About You?

apps.JPGI’ve got 120 apps on my iPad 2. My iPhone 4 sports 99 of ’em. I’ve got apps that range from the Holy Bible to ABC Song (it’s supposed to teach my kid the alphabet). I have three different apps for checking the weather and one for Bay Area news. The last one mystifies even me. I went to California once with my wife for our wedding anniversary but I can’t say for sure why I have an app for local news in a state that I don’t live in.

Still, it’s gotta mean something. I figure they all mean something. And I suspect most of ’em say something about me.

I remember as a kid that, whenever I went to someone’s house, I always wanted to see their rooms. I was curious about what cool toys they had and if those toys indicated we might share the same interests. As I got older it went from toys to records (remember those?) and books. (Well, mostly I was looking for comic books, but books with only words were cool too, I suppose.)

Now, instead of nosing around our friends’ bedrooms, we’re more likely to check out their smartphones or tablets. Or at least I am.

If you checked out my devices, you’d learn a whole lot about me. The Concept Car app shows me cars I’ll never be able to afford even if the manufacturer decides to actually build it. My Dictionary app makes me sound smarter than I am. IKEA Catalog keeps me up to date on the latest modern furnishings from Sweden. My 5-0 Radio Free app allows me to hear Fire and EMS chatter in Nova Scotia or just about anywhere else in the world. I have apps for cars, motorcycles, comic books, news, tech stuff, and the list goes on and on. My wife’s apps tell a different story because she’s a different person. I picked up her iPad2 the other day and flipped through her apps, and it was loaded with baby- and mommy-oriented apps. It was pretty obvious we’re the proud parents of a 16-month-old.

What do our apps say about us? Does it mean anything? Hey, maybe there’s an app that can tell us what it all means!

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